Who are we ?

Our association, autonomous, will have for vocation to manage the common interests of the owners of Mobile homes.

In front of multiple obligations(bonds) which we impose us, we want to restore our auprés rights of the hierarchy of SIBLU.

- right in the respect for our owners' quality.

- right to the guarantee of safety(security) of our properties(goods) on the park.

- right in a living environment in compliance with the high quality standards which promises SIBLU to all his(her) owners.

It will be the link favored with:

The Direction(Management) of Montourey

The Head office(Executive management) SIBLU to PESSAC

Consumers' Association

The diverse administrations.

She(It) will also bring a logistic and financial support for projects of animation and friendly demonstrations(appearances) in collaboration, according to availability According to availability, with the Direction(Management) of the Park.

She(It) will participate in the émunérées conditions above in common demonstrations(appearances) with other owners' associations on parks belonging to the same manager (at present the SIBLU France company).

She(It) will so participate in the improvement of the quality of life on the park.

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Last edited: 02/10/2015