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The glucophone is a conductor to the meditative aver of impromptu improvisation. By way of this break-up in everyday vim, we infiltrate the “spurt” and stitch to the “source”, which allows us to accept a fresh look at the terra in ourselves and ourselves in the world, locate recondite resources and quicken intuition. Сombining the melodic and pulsing principles of the playing, the petal drum makes the development of mastering euphonious skills straightforward and fun. And, thanks to the explicit batch and instrumentation of notes, certainly everyone can in a second connect this take care of, and as a replacement for this, you do not have occasion for to possess distinguished knowledge. The whole shebang happens by itself, as if by way of magic.

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Petal, reed, metal, tonal drums. The thingy is wholly tuned. It goes well with the flute, piano, guitar. To work hand in glove an awesome implement that recently appeared - the Petal note drum, generally known as a “glucophone” (joy, radiation), a meaning of rhythm is enough.
His question is actually mystical. And you can learn to play it in just a insufficient minutes - the pre-eminent aspect is to reasonable learn how to beat on metal tongues, and it usually sounds magical.

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Glucophone is a reed percussion whatsit on which you can play with your hands and specialized sticks.
The uniqueness of this thingy lies in the fact that EVERY ONE MAY PORTRAY ON IT.
Playing on it, you purposefulness event ring vibrations that on envelop you and one who is neighbourhood, components with consistency and joy. It is not without reason that this gizmo is called Happy Drum (Drum of Glee) abroad. The prominence which has directed to the playing on the glucophone switches from the set internal dialogues, algorithms, and ratings to the aware weaving of the melodious pattern. The remembrance, at the same time, is filled with gaiety from inventive activity and actively forms strange neural connections, and the body and consciousness are immersed in a submit of abstruse relaxation underneath concordant vibrations, almost identical in tone and pigmentation to a bell ringing.

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